ABSTRACT - presented & registered to International Contest LONDON, Longitude Prize, May 27, 2015

Headquarters location:
11001 FM 2147, HORSESHOE BAY, TX 78659

Our organization is representing all entities and individuals involved in “Biocompatible Technologies/Products/Procedures”; they were initiated and designed to increase safely the immune system reactions using highly engineered immune-modulators.  Their effectiveness lies in the uniqueness of never acting as a poison designed to kill pathogen bacteria; this avoids both mutations and obviously drug resistance.

Continuous improvements by “BIOCOM TECHS” expanding activity in product engineering together with more than 3 decades of successfully treating fully-documented “no hope cases” now demonstrates unexplored and unprecedented ways to treat extremely serious infections without using dangerous, ineffective drugs.  The same concept and employing similar technologies were successfully tested on volunteers diagnosed with “drug resistant” peripheral, systemic, urinary, and digestive track infections; special note for the first cases of Lyme’s disease and TB treated also successfully in a very short period of time.

The long history of documented results together with all positive “third party evaluations” anticipates the possibility for the creation of a new generation of large-spectrum, multi-strain products as a viable replacement for almost all existing/toxic antibiotics which provoked an artificial increase of the “difficult or impossible to treat  bacteria”.  It is also anticipated that the new products may offer the best prevention properties in case of epidemics.  These features will enable all professionals, hospital staff, and lab technicians to get the adequate protection in real time.

The new concept and technologies appear to be a radical but long time needed change within the antibiotic industry.


For and on behalf of TRUE SCIENCE ALLIANCE CORP.

Constantin Pandaru - President