True Science Alliance is coordinating a fast, worldwide validation of the harmless HEIMMOX technologies as a major first step toward healing “no hope” infections, while yielding a safer environment.  All major public health organizations are invited to participate.  The list of main supporters includes, but is not limited to, all important governments, organizations and public health agencies (WHO, GLOBAL FUND, WORLD BANK, CDC, FDA, AMR-REVIEW, WELLCOME TRUST, UNITED NATIONS, etc.) to politically and financially support this unprecedented task.

For the first phase, as part of the international study for full validation, True Science Alliance will be supplying the new products free of charge upon request to hospitals for their “no hope” cases [where all previous antibiotic treatments failed].

Considering the unrivaled, long-term results of the HEIMMOX products along with the following recent presentations:

…the conclusions are obvious.

1) Only the non-synthetic, biodegradable HEIMMOX products can efficiently combat AMR, including environment-induced drug resistance.

2) Only the immediate use of the HEIMMOX treatments as first-choice can preserve the use of existing antibiotics a little longer without accelerating the rise of AMR.

3) Only a gradual but complete removal of synthetic antibiotics can stop the bacterial mutations (drug resistance) and offer a safer environment within the hospitals, animal farms, food chain stores, etc.

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